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12 days of Christmas: days 8-11

12 Days of Christmas

Days 8 through 11


The 8th day of the ‪#‎12daysofChristmas‬ is about a classic…the Christmas tree. It is my firm belief that you can never have too many trees. Before we moved into our house we only had room for one small tree in our condo. I simply could not have put another tree in that condo without making it feel incredibly cluttered and uncomfortable. It was sweet and fun and I loved it. But now that we have a house, theres space for more holiday fun. So we have the big family tree in the living room, a smaller tree in the dining room, the two small trees in the boys’ rooms, and a teeny tiny tabletop tree on our dining table. I love having the twinkling lights all over the house, especially at night. And I love how they add cheer to every room. Now to drink hot cocoa while sitting in the glow of the lights.

IMG_2510On the 9th day of the ‪#‎12daysofChristmas‬ we have another tree, but this one is different. In our kitchen we have a wall with chalkboard paint (there will a blog post on my love of chalkboard walls at some point in the future, for sure.) The boys love it. And we almost always have a theme drawing up high–a turkey for Thanksgiving, a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s day, a cake and balloons for birthdays, and this year a Christmas tree for Christmas. The boys can still draw down low but the theme drawing decorates that corner for whatever celebration is on the horizon and acts as inspiration for the boys to begin to learn to draw more themselves. That corner turned out to be beautiful, festive, creative, and inspiring–exactly the type of home I want for my kids.


On the 10th day of the ‪#‎12daysofChristmas‬ it’s about…trees again…kind of…but not really. My love of Christmas trees and twinkling lights runs deep (as evidenced by previous posts) but today I’m talking about what goes at the bottom of the tree. I love decorations with history like those passed down in the family. But I did not like the country quilt tree skirt we had while I was growing up and was sent to me by my mother when we had our first big tree. Then I saw an amazing “why didn’t I think of that” idea on @realgirlskitchen blog. Check out her California Christmas blog entry earlier this month to see how cozy and beautiful her tree looks. And look at the difference in our tree with the green & white check blanket, which we already had, (and a train track for the boys). I will be on the lookout for a fuller, more textured throw for next year but much prefer our new tree skirt to the quilted one that didn’t speak to me at all. Your home, your clothes, your holiday decorations should be a reflection of you.


On the 11th day of the ‪#‎12daysofchristmas‬ we have the small (and sometimes forgotten) spaces. I am a firm believer that no front door should be without a wreath during the holidays. Our lovely wreath is a @llbean wreath that my uncle sends us each year. (FYI this is a great gift idea; I look forward to receiving it every year.) I also believe that every space should be sprinkled with holiday love. From the shelf up high to the cup rack and the window over the sink, I want to see Christmas everywhere I look, even if it is only a small reminder.