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12 Days of Christmas: Days 5 & 6

12 Days of Christmas

Days 5 & 6

I planned on writing up the blog posts for #12daysofChristmas in three posts each covering four days, but I have decided to update the blog more often so I can share a little more than the small entries I write for Instagram and Facebook. While many of the Christmas decor ideas I share are to inspire the holidays to be as festive and beautiful as possible, others are inspired by something greater, like family traditions (make sure to read day 7) and the true meaning of Christmas (check out day 6 below). I hope my ideas inspire you not only to decorate your home (or office or any other space you live, work, breathe) beautifully but to truly enjoy this special time with your loved ones and begin some traditions of your own. Now onto days 5 & 6…


For the 5th day of Christmas we’re talking tree decorations. I strongly believe each Christmas tree should represent all of a home’s inhabitants and there should be a good mix of old and new. Our family Christmas tree has ornaments passed down from parents and grandparents, others that represent my husband and my alma maters, some bought from our favorite vacation destinations, & some that were made with our boys. There is also a good mix of new ornaments that are just fun, beautiful, or deemed necessary by our boys (i.e. Thomas the tank engine). The tree is a beautiful representation of our whole family (big lazy dog included) and what the season is all about: love and gratitude.



Day 6 of ‪‎the 12 days of Christmas‬ is celebrating the nativity. If Christmas is a religious celebration for you, as well as a secular holiday, a nativity is a must. It is a great way to begin talking about the birth of Jesus with your kids while they are still young, but the nativity is also a visual reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. And it is a reminder that we could all use from time to time throughout the holidays as the craziness and stress of all that needs to be done becomes overwhelming and can impact our attitudes and behaviors towards others. In our home the nativity is mix and match, of course. The basic nativity was a present from friends and is supplemented perfectly by the three wise men made by my mom from discarded chair legs. I love these three wise men. And every Christmas they remind me to be thankful for the absurdly creative mother I am blessed to have.

Have you noticed themes to my decorating style? If not, you will over time. Just in the #12daysofChristmas posts there is at least one theme repeating: DIY, one of a kind items.