An Organized Life

Every choice involves sacrifice. Passivity itself is a choice. The goal in our spaces, and life in general, should be to make conscious decisions that actively create the space and life we want. Less stuff leads to less clutter, less stress, and less expense. In both life and your space, less is better and often means more living, more happiness, and more money.

An Inviting Home

Your home should be your haven–your favorite place, a place that both calms you and inspires you. It should be a representation of both your life and your values.

A Festive Party

Parties don’t need to be time consuming or expensive to be fun. Good planning and creative ideas for the basis of any good party.

A Joyous Holiday

Holidays should be about people, not things. Annual traditions, big and small, play an important role in family holidays and should focus on the your family’s values. 

A Creative Soul

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms. Your life and your space should reflect aspects of your creativity and be filled with whatever inspires your soul.

A Seasoned Traveler

Traveling is good for the both the spirit and the mind. And seasoned travelers know how to plan, pack, and prepare so that the focus of a trip is on the experiences and not the superfluous details.

A Beloved Gift

Gifts are about the recipient (at least they should be). They should be sincere and personal. The best gifts are meant for the long haul (items meant to become sentimental favorites) or short-term (consumable).

An Inspired Child

Children should be inspired everyday by their surroundings–both their things and spaces. Just like for adults, less is more for children, whose primary “toy” should be their own imagination. 

A Busy Parent

Parenting is hard. It can be all consuming. It can be draining. But it doesn’t need to be. There are hacks. The key to parenting is knowing yourself and your strengths, and learning the hacks to help you where you need a lift.