Organizing services begin with an initial assessment. Susan will schedule a time to discuss your goals for organizing and tour your space. At the conclusion of the meeting, Susan will present you with an action plan created to address your specific needs. Time and cost estimates are given as part of the plan to help you decide whether to hire Susan to work one on one with you or begin the process on your own, either with the action plan or a more detailed plan called “organizing in a box.”

One on One

Susan works one on one with you to address the problems that led to disorganization, clear the clutter, and help you create organizational systems for the problem areas in your home or office. Projects could include the entire home or office, or specific problem areas, such as bedrooms, kitchens, playrooms, closets, garages, attics, basements, or paper filing systems.

Organizing in a Box

Once the assessment is completed, you may opt to implement the action plan yourself but may want additional ideas to help streamline the process. If you choose this option, Susan will provide you with a write up of the action plan detailing the recommended work, including the suggested order of projects and specific items recommended for purchase to use in your newly organized space. Any suggested purchases will be chosen keeping your personal taste and desired budget in mind.


Do you have piles of photographs and no time to organize them? Do you have stacks of your children’s artwork, awards, and newspaper clippings but no way to enjoy them? Whether you want your mementos organized in a book to enjoy or simply sorted and stored electronically or in boxes, Susan can tackle those piles and give you an organizational system that is easy to use and maintain as new memories are made.

Photo Albums

Whether you want simple albums where the photos speak for themselves or more detailed albums with identifying tags, interesting captions, or additional memorabilia (ticket stubs, invitations, announcements, etc.), Susan can take your photos and present them exactly as you want in albums you will enjoy for years.

Photo Storage

Whether or not you are concerned about putting your photos in albums, Susan can help you inventory and sort hard copies of your photos in boxes or create digital files for easy retrieval in the future.

Other One of a Kind Creations

Are you looking for another special kind of memory book such as a scrapbook documenting a specific event or a custom cookbook with family recipes for a bridal shower? Susan can help you organize whatever memories you have as simply or intricately as you desire.


Selling your home can be one of life’s greatest stresses but it doesn’t need to be. Susan can help you get organized early, make your home more attractive to buyers, pack effectively, and unpack quickly. Make it easier on yourself and help your move go more smoothly by having a plan.

Pre-Move Prep

Susan can help you inventory and sort your belongings, arrange donation and trash pick-ups, and make the necessary address changes and account transfers for your new home or office. In addition to insuring a seamless move, getting organized before your items are packed increases the efficiency and ease of unpacking.

Unpacking Your Home

Susan can help you unpack strategically, set up an organized and functional space, and rid your home or office of the excess boxes.


Susan has an unyielding love for organizing, interior design, salvaging garage sale and flea market finds, and finding new and inventive ways to enjoy treasured items. Having designed and decorated no less than ten homes for herself, including a major renovation of the home she currently shares with her family, Susan understands the importance of being able to enjoy and relax in your surroundings. In her work with clients, Susan creates spaces that perfectly complements each client’s individual taste and lifestyle.

All In Design

Susan will meet you at your home or office, take a tour, and create a plan for how to maximize the space you have and decorate it with a mix of old and new items that fit your style and needs for the space. With beautiful yet practical furniture, interesting home accessories, creative storage solutions, and innovative layouts Susan can help you make better use of your space you have, feel more relaxed in your home, and love your surroundings.

Design in a Box

Susan will meet with you and tour your space and then provide you with all the ideas and tools you need to create a space tailored to your needs and loves in one neatly organized, super helpful, all inclusive box. A custom plan just for you complete with all the specs for the work to be done and details for all the items needed to be purchased in order to make your dream space a reality. The design of a professional without the typical high cost of a designer!


If you are already organized and don’t need or want a major overhaul, but are bored with your home or office, Susan can recommend ways to give your space a fresh look. Susan will meet you at your home, tour your space, and offer recommendations for how to change your space to better meet your needs and expectations.

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