12 Days of Christmas

Day 7…a family tradition

The 7th day of the ‪#12 days of Christmas‬ is about tradition as much as decoration. (I like family traditions…a lot.) This year is the first year my boys have small trees in their rooms. They were so excited about the trees and twinkle lights, but even more so when I told them that I had bought an ornament for each of them every year at Christmas and they could hang their ornaments on their own trees if they wanted. It’s a Dwyer family tradition. And it is one of the greatest. IMG_2476Growing up my mother would put a new Christmas ornament by everyone’s seat each year for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a festive favor for any guests we had and an amazing tradition for the kids. It was something I looked forward to each year, as these ornaments went on the small trees we each had in our bedrooms and meant by the time we became adults we already had a collection of meaningful ornaments. By the time we left our parents’ house we would be ready to decorate our very first Christmas trees in our own homes. I love that in doing something so small each year, my mother really was doing something so big. It never occurred to me as a young child that each ornament was part of a larger plan, but I was so grateful when I got older and put up my first tree that I did not need to spend a fortune on ornaments and my tree was covered in beautiful memories. I still hang those same ornaments on the tree each year with my kids. And while I never host Thanksgiving dinner, I love the tradition so much that I have bought a new ornament for each of our sons each December and presented it to them before adding it to our tree. You could also give an ornament as a present for the feast of St. Nicholas if you celebrate that or have your elf bring an ornament for each child every year if your an elf on the shelf family. Or you could add an ornament to the gift wrap on a present to each child on Christmas morning as my grandmother used to do (she may have been in on the plan or she may have just been super fun and festive, she was probably both). But it is a tradition I loved as a child and continue to love as a momma.

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