12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Days 1 through 4…

Last Wednesday I began a series of instagram/Facebook posts entitled the 12 days of Christmas, a post every day (Monday-Friday) through Christmas Eve with my favorite ideas for celebrating Christmas. (Quick aside: if you aren’t following me on instagram or following me on Facebook, click the links above and follow and like away!) It’s taken me a couple days to have the time to bring the 12 days posts to the blog so today I will be sharing the first 4 days and will add days 5-12 in two additional posts, each sharing four additional ideas to spread holiday cheer. Without further adieu…days 1 through 4…

For the 1st day of Christmas I shared an idea that suggest not all clutter is bad, and when the additional “things” are a collection they can be quite fun and festive. At our house we love Santas and snowmen & women, but you could choose anything you love: snow globes, Angels, reindeer, whatever brings a smile to your face. Place them all together (the closer the better), in one or two chosen spots for holiday fun with a decorators’ flair.


For the 2nd day of Christmas, we talked holiday cards. I LOVE getting holiday cards. (Who doesn’t love getting holiday cards now that so many have updated photos of our family and friends, many of whom we don’t get to see nearly as often as we’d like?) And I love incorporating them into our Christmas decor. Use your favorite basket, find a fun holiday basket or bowl (like mine below), or buy a large glass canister (Crate and barrel’s heritage jars are great) to corral your cards in a beautiful display that you can enjoy throughout the holidays.


The 3rd day of Christmas was all about gingerbread! I will admit that the making of our gingerbread house and tree may have gotten a little tense (I may be a bit OCD which doesn’t always combine well with a toddler and preschooler and crafts) but we survived and everyone was happy (at least by the end). A gingerbread house (or tree or train or sleigh or whatever else you can find, there are so many options these days) is a must do if you have kids but also a great activity for a couple or super creative festive single as well. In the end homemade decorations are always everyone’s favorite. And a tradition that involves making one is even better!


For the 4th day of ‪Christmas I shared my love of advent calendars! I have long loved advent calendars and when I was young my favorite way to countdown to Christmas each year was hanging handmade felt ornaments on the handmade felt Christmas tree, all painstakingly made by my super creative mama. How she had time or the patience to make it while home with three kids? I do not know. But I am so glad she did. Receiving it last year made my heart flutter with happiness. Sharing it with my boys, who love it as well, makes my mornings brighter. I said it before and I will say it again, homemade decorations are always the best ones. And you could never go wrong with an advent calendar. Start searching Pinterest for ideas for one to make today! (You’ll probably need to start brainstorming now in order to find the time to make it by next year. 😬)


Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for daily doses of Christmas inspiration or check back here in four days for the next recap. Until then, drink some hot chocolate, sing holiday songs, watch some Christmas movies, and enjoy time with your loved ones….

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